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    Max R. Hawthorne, CA

    5.0 star rating on 1/23/2014. The staff here is fantastic. I went last year and am just getting around to posting on them but they were truly great. Stacey was my PT and she did an incredible job on a shoulder that had been bothering/nagging me for a year. Docs couldn't quite figure out what it was and an MRI just turned up a "hot spot." I couldn't even get through a few push-ups on it though without something catching and the shoulder not allowing me the range of motion I needed. After a few sessions Stacey was able to work to the heart of it and found it to be a tendinitis at the point where the bicep connects to the shoulder. I was going in 2 times a week and after about 20 sessions I was completely pain free and doing full workouts on the shoulder again. I haven't had a problem since. Thanks to Stacey and the whole staff at Made to Move. They are all very friendly, helpful, and made the experience enjoyable.

    William H., Los Angeles, CA

    5.0 star rating 9/9/2013 I had surgery two years ago to move my ulnar nerve due to chronic pain in my fingers. According to my neurologist I was regaining strength in my hand but the pain issue was not resolved, so he sent me to Made to Move. I've been going since June and it's made a world of difference to my quality of life! Michelle McCarthy is highly skilled and she has systematically worked to isolate and address the issues in my neuromuscular chain. I call her "The Mechanic" because I can go to her with a problem, she'll think about it for a minute and then give me an exercise or a treatment that just... fixes it. The rest of the staff is very friendly and skilled as well, and I've never had to wait when I arrive for a session. Highly recommended!

    Robert G, Philadelphia, PA

    5.0 star rating 8/15/2013 This is my second stint at physical therapy. Fortunately I had the opportunity to use the services of Made to Move on both occasions. The most recent one was for a torn ACL. Michelle and her staff made the rehabilitation a pleasure. They are not only professional and knowledgeable, but they made what could be a time consuming, boring process into an enjoyable experience. They were able to successfully complete my rehab without me feeling like it was torture. They truly care about their patients and do whatever it takes to make the experience worthwhile. I live in Philadelphia Pa. and spend my summer in CA. I am very fortunate that I was able to locate such a facility so far from home. If I ever require PT in the future, I would actually consider renting in CA just to get the PT required at Made to Move rather then getting it done in my home town. As a business owner myself, I only hope my customers feel the same way about the services I provide, as I do about the services provided to me by Made to Move!

    Kev H., Los Angeles

    5.0 star rating 8/15/2013 Made to Move and another facility were recommended by a doctor. The doctor told me that Made to Move was the better facility. I take recommendations but like to do some research. I called the other facility to receive an answering machine and couldn't find any reviews online. On the other hand, I saw great reviews on Made to Move which scared me a bit because I thought they may pack us in like sardines. I'm sure you can relate because doctors and dentist will have two and three patients at the same time. Well, I spoke to a young lady named Sylvia and asked how the facility runs. She had very great energy on the phone and made sure all my questions were answered. Also, she assured me that they didn't double book. In addition, that a patients workout starts at their schedule time, as long as the patient is there. Additionally, Sylvia mentioned that if a patient is a few minutes or so early,then Made to Move might be able to get them started early. After speaking with Sylvia I decided to try out Made to Move for at least one session. Made to Move is the facility to choose. They get the job done and the atmosphere is great. The staff work well together, are like a family and work very hard for the patients. Everyone is extremely upbeat and the atmosphere isn't stuff. Also, Sylvia was A WOMAN of her word and they get you started on time. Therefore, you won't be just sitting around forever waiting to be seen. At Made to Move you don't just feel like a $$$$ for them but they genuinely are concerned with getting your quality of life before the injury back. Additionally, they dont get you in and just rush/force you out, like many other facilities out there. This review is coming from an Achilles tendon tear patient. My Physical Therapist is Tiana and she has done an exceptional job in working we me and my doctors. Don't let her small stature fool you. As they say, great things can come in small packages. Tiana knows her stuff. Also, I've had the pleasure of working with Michelle too which has soo many certifications. She is very good too. Last but not least is Nadya which is experienced and does a great job too. Nadya has worked with me too. Also, I observe all of them with other patients during my appointment. I've yet to see any patient leave upset. Also, I've worked with Irma, Christy, Nicole, Hayden, and Eugene which are great. You can't go wrong by choosing Made to Move and you'll be happy that you listened to me. If Made to Move is the wrong place then I don't want to be right. They ROCK and will get you BACK RIGHT. I'm very hard to impress but they've IMPRESSED me enough to come write a review. Great hours to fit your schedule too

    Teri and John P., El Segundo

    5.0 star rating 8/8/2013 I can not be more pleased with the service that's was provided for my back injury and the final outcome of being 100% pain free. Thank you for your professional and outstanding care.

    Kelly F, Los Angeles

    5.0 star rating 5/23/2013 My son was diagnosed with Torticollis when he was two months old and his pediatrician recommended that I take him to see Stacey Parsons at Made To Move Physical Therapy. Stacey has been absolutely fantastic with him. She is friendly, knowledgeable, and professional, and now at four and half months old, my son's Torticollis is gone. Stacey was so good with my son that he would smile and show how happy he was every time we pulled into the parking lot and walked into the building. She worked with him with various techniques, massaging and stretching his neck, and had him smiling and laughing the whole time. He not only had his Torticollis cured, but he had a great time doing it too. I highly recommend Stacey for infant and child physical therapy and as I'm sure that she must be great with adults too, I wouldn't hesitate to see her myself as well if the need ever arises.

    Nel C., Manhattan Beach

    5.0 star rating 5/9/2013 Amazing! I have gone to other physical therapists and none compare. They really work hard to figure out what your problem is and how to fix it. After probably about 5 years of back pain I finally decided to try physical therapy again and Tiana has made improvements in months that others haven't been able to make in years. Since starting treatment I've made vast improvements and am finally starting to understand what I need to do on a daily basis to see lasting changes. The whole staff is genuinely friendly and always drama free which is great since the office is mainly female. The location is perfect for me since its right off the interstate but still close to the Air Force base. They are extremely flexible with scheduling and really take time to give you their full attention during your session, especially during the busy hours. I would definitely suggest going to them for any kind of pain.

  • Richard L., Los Angeles

    5.0 star rating 6/27/2012 Made to Move Physical Therapy is simply fantastic. I've been to other PT facilities but M2M is the best. I first went there in 2009 with an injured knee. I couldn't walk up or down stairs and had trouble getting around. Within a few months Stacey had me running up stairs, doing squats and other exercises I couldn't do even before the injury. Since then I have had two shoulder surgeries to repair damaged rotators and I always go back to M2M. The results speak for themselves. My range of motion and strength are better than before the surgery. I couldn't ask for anything more. Michele the owner has done an outstanding job creating this business and assembling a very talented, professional and friendly team. Michele, Stacey, Kristi and the rest of the M2M staff have really become friends, not just care providers. If you want relief from your injuries and are looking for a great environment and fantastic group of professionals then look no further. You'll be happy you made the trek to El Segundo. Thank you SA3!! :-)

  • Tracey G., Redondo Beach

    5.0 star rating 5/9/2011 I started PT with Tiana after knee (ACL reconstructive) surgery. I progressed a lot faster than expected and really enjoyed the sessions. The staff was very friendly and helpful. Tiana made sure I did the exercises correctly to reach the maximum potential.

  • Al H., Rancho Palos Verdes

    5.0 star rating 3/27/2011 I've been to Made-to-Move for a couple of injuries, and both times I was treated very well by Michele and her staff. They are all very experienced and worked with me at a personal level, and were very pleasant throughout my road to recovery. I highly recommend them. They are the best!

  • Matt C., Manhattan Beach

    5.0 star rating 11/22/2010 I had reconstructive shoulder surgery in June after a complete dislocation. I just finished PT with Made To Move and my shoulder is doing extremely well. Stacey and the entire M-T-M staff are incredibly knowledgeable and helped me tremedously. I highly reccomend them to everyone!

  • Willie B, Culver City

    5.0 star rating 9/16/2010 Made to move physical therapy is the best, very knowledgeble staff, and attention to details. this sports medical / occupational and more has the skills to achieve your goals. i have talk to many people about physical therapy, and in m reserch many cannot compare to made to move. it's no wonder why so many are doing so well when using their services. very clean facility, private rooms and friendy atmosphere. when connecting with a staff such as this one, you know this is some place special. if you don't want to just get it , but get it right look no further. there is no question in my mind you will not be disappointed.

  • R. Levy

    "After months of seeing numerous doctors and physical therapists for a chronic foot problem, I was referred to Michele McCarthy and Made to Move. By asking the right questions, using various techniques and refusing to give up, Michele got to the root cause of my condition. I now walk and even run without pain. I'm forever grateful to Michele for her expertise, sound judgment and determination."

  • C. Shaushkin

    Michele worked wonders with my foot after a very stubborn injury . She was able to put things back to working order when we had just about given up ! And to think she's a hand specialist , too!!! She really knows what she's doing.

  • V. Larson, PhD

    Being an active a senior citizen, I have had several occasions over the years to need physical therapy (knee, shoulders, hip, back, etc.). I have had treatment by several different therapists over the years. Three years ago, I had treatment from a different therapist for my left shoulder. I had to give it up because the therapy was making my injury worse rather than better. It just didn't work and the therapy was totally ineffective. My shoulder was still sore after three years.

    Recently, I injured my right shoulder. This time my wife, Bonney, who had successful treatment on her shoulder from Michele, recommended that I try her therapist.

    I immediately found Michele to be an excellent therapist. Rather than concentrating on weights to improve the injury, she stretched, and pulled and did all kinds of things that seemed like magic. Both my shoulders felt better with each treatment and today I am a much better tennis player because of her!

    Michele, unlike most therapists, didn't just focus on the injury itself, she focused on the fundamental cause of the injury and provided exercises to help prevent future occurrences of the injury. In a nutshell, Michele is a very gifted therapist who knows exactly what to do for each injury and provides the perfect exercises to help get a person back to normal activities.

    If I ever need physical therapy in the future, I know exactly to whom I will go for help. Michele is absolutely the best physical therapist I have ever met. I am very happy and fortunate that my wife, Bonney, a former nurse, recommended that I check out Made to Move physical therapy.

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