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An orthotic is a custom made insole designed to support and control the motions of your foot. Through control of the foot, the orthotic device can also affect the knee, hip, pelvis and back. The orthotic is made from a variety of materials based on the needs of the patient. A firmer device will provide control and support while a softer device will give shock absorption and comfort.

We offer evaluation, treatment and laboratory fabrication of custom foot orthotics for all ages. Our physical therapists have undergone specialized training and years of experience in gait biomechanics to evaluate the need for custom orthotics and fit the right orthotic to meet the specific needs of each patient. An orthotic device with specific components will be matched to meet the needs of the patient taking into account diagnosis, age, and activity level. If an orthotic is not necessary, you may receive counseling regarding your footwear, or the use of an over the counter insole.

The service package includes a one-hour appointment to fabricate a weight bearing casting impression of your foot, from which the device will be established, as well as a complete biomechanical evaluation and assessment to determine the patient's particular problems or dysfunctions. The laboratory fabricated custom orthotics take about one month. The patient will also receive a fitting appointment when the orthotics are ready. Wearing schedules, shoe wear and other recommendations are given during the fitting appointment.

We offer custom orthotics to meet every shoe type and/or individual need, including orthotics to fit in dress shoes and sneakers, full or partial length orthotics, rigid, semi-rigid, or softer orthotics based on age, activity level, and diagnosis. The laboratory orthotics are fabricated from the latest technology in foot orthoses materials, affording the patient with the greatest wear, biomechanical control, and shock absorbency ability.

Orthotics are only a part of a complete rehabilitation program. Manual therapy, exercise and movement re-education may also be a part of your successful return to activity.

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